Tips to help build a career in robotics


Robotics engineering is a field of engineering that has recently exploded in popularity. Aided by advancements in technology, robots have become essential in the manufacturing process and in everyday life. There are numerous companies helping develop not only futuristic robots but also the robotics career in general.

For those interested in a career in the robotics field, here are some tips to help.

Find innovative companies

To succeed in a robotics career, it is important that you find an innovative robots’ manufacturer. This will help you be on the front line of all the changes that are occurring in the industry.

Universal Robots, a robot manufacturer that is slightly over a decade old is one kind of company. It manufactures universal robot systems that enable companies all over the world enhance their production efficiency. They are a market leader in the manufacturing and sale of collaborative robots.

Have a good education background

To get into the robotics field as a career, it is important that you have the right education background.

The main path to a robotics career is a undergraduate degree in robotics engineering. This will equip you with the skills and concepts necessary to turn you into a robot creator. Other engineering courses such as electrical and mechanical can help you land a job in the robotics sector.

Computer programming is also another path into becoming a robotics engineer.

Understand other industries

A good robotics engineer is one who is able to connect different concepts. It is important that you are able to dabble in and understand different sectors of society.

For instance, to be able to create a good robot for the healthcare industry, you need to understand the details of what happens in that industry. When you finally build a healthcare specialized robot, it will turn out well as you knew beforehand what was expected.

What does a robotics engineer do at a company?

A robotics career encompasses a large number of activities that will be your day to day job. The main job involves research on parts and materials to use to build the robots. Assembling the different parts to build a robot and programming the robots.

A career in robotics will also involve technical sales to ensure that the robots get to intended users, assembling the robots once at the factory and training the end user of the robots. There are also jobs in maintenance and testing to ensure that the robots works as it should.

As you apply to your robotics job, it is important that you understand what kind of activities will carry out day to day.


Robotics is applied in a range of industries in modern times. This will narrow down your experience and job search.’

You can specialize as a robotics engineer in the numerous new industries that are now adopting robotics in their operations. Industries such as agriculture or hospitality have not always used robots. However, with newer manufacturing methods, lower robot prices and all the benefits they present, different operations that were not traditionally considered as robot users can now use robots.

When you specialize therefore, you will find opportunities to do new and amazing stuff.


To more job offers and opportunities, it is important that you grow a huge network of industry insiders. Most times, it is the people that you know that help you land your dream job.

Attend as many industry events as possible. While there, ensure that you connect with as many people as possible. Let them know that you are looking for a job and the kind of job that you want. Robot manufacturing companies attend these events to showcase their robots and to interact with other companies.


Robots are now universally accepted. It is easy to build a robotics career anywhere in the world although the number of jobs may vary depending with your location in the world. Universal robot systems help remove bottlenecks in the production process.